ChangeLog Manutenção 02/06/2024

Olá Player,
Segue em anexo changelog da manutenção realizada, como sempre é importante abrir o jogo pelo Launcher e deixar baixar os updates.

## Atualizações | Melhorias | Sugestoes | feedbacks
Ativo Drop _Box_of_Blessing (do evento Power Chiken)
[FIX] joia luck ainda não aplica em alguns itens
Novo sistema de Boss LOT S

[FIX] Bonus event did not start when start/end minute was same
[FIX] DoppelGanger event reward was issuing "Kris" instead configured item in certain scenario
[FIX] Character Card for Illusion Knight did not work (20,93)
[FIX] Attacking with Sword Blow skill could result in DC in certain scenario
[FIX] Corrected behavior and attack range of Sword Blow skill
[FIX] Guardian Option Increasing ATK/DEF Lvl/20 was not calculated properly
[FIX] Exclusive buff of Light Wizard character class was improperly calculated
[FIX] Fourth Magic Circles fields were not cleared properly from view-port after using Teleport skill
[FIX] CryWolf Event was operating wrongly due to invalid protocol
[FIX] SetParty was not properly handled, now system checks for minimum three different character classes in a party
[FIX] Helper Plus was not properly marking spots/area as taken in certain scenario
[FIX] Certain Ability cards were improperly increasing AoE CRIT DMG Prob. option
[FIX] Macro timer did not appear when macro was triggered
[FIX] Countdown timers for selected events e.g. BC, DS, CC, did not appear
[FIX] Possible game client crash S

[FIX] Sword Blow attack range and distance did not work correctly S

[FIX] Corrected invalid number of attacks from 4 to 5 for Shining Peak Enhancement skill (4th)
[FIX] Selected rings were continuing to apply options effect despite being broken


Postado 03/06/2024